My First Year at Purple Belt

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Yesterday was my Purplebelt anniversary 💜 It’s been a whirlwind of a first year, that’s for sure. At first I felt deserving of it… or so I thought. More so the IDEA of it because I was rudely awakened when I got tapped by a lower belt. (DUN DUN DUN) News flash! You still have to work hard when you get promoted!!! I thought I could just sit back and relax and NOPE Bahahaha. So then I felt VERY UNDESERVING of it, and since then we have been working hard on our relationship and guys… I’m pretty sure she’s the one😍 I am all sorts of GROWING🌱 right now, especially here ❤️ and here 🧠

Thanks to Professor Carlos for his teachings, coaching, opinions, feedback, hard talks, motivation and everything else. You’ve helped me so much with my game and my mindset. God bless you. Also thank you to my training partners because I can’t learn without them.

My game has changed dramatically from day 1 of whitebelt and these are my favorite things about the way I train at purple:

•Initiate first. When rolling with someone larger, stronger or more skilled, be the one to make the first move or chances are you’ll have to defend first vs attack first.

•Be relentless. If you shoot for a takedown and the person sprawls, don’t turtle🐢 up, COMMIT and drive forward until you put them on their 🍑.

•Believe in yourself✨ Try not to overthink, just trust your jiu-jitsu. Trust that it WORKS. There were times where I didn’t do this certain move/defense because I was afraid so and so would counter with this move/defense so instead I didn’t do anything and I got stuck. Take the risk🤪 and own it! 🙌🏽

All in all, this year has taught me that I can do hard things. I am stronger than I think and all it takes is belief in myself. This has improved my self love immensely. This art continues to mold me into an indomitable martial artist. How awesome it is to learn an art that has so much to give its practitioners.

Do you remember what your first year was like after your promotion? Did you love it/hate it? What did you learn? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “My First Year at Purple Belt

  1. This! 🙌🏽 After I was promoted to blue belt, I felt like deserving. But then really hated it. I hated going to practice, I hated the thought of jiu jitsu, I questioned my skill and ability. I’m still working on it, I like jiu jitsu, but I wished I loved it like my brother. Even so, I’ve learned to be patience, persistent and resilient.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Jacki! I’m so glad you have continued to train. You will have more of these battles with BJJ (I still have them sometimes) but if it were easy, everyone would do it! And only a select few train until blackbelt. Just keep training! Eventually you will enjoy it more as you begin to understand it better. Time will pass anyway, might as well learn as much as you can and enjoy the journey!


  2. I’m only a freshie blue belt, but after I got my 4th and (5th) blue stripe on my white belt, those years I probably grew the most mentally and in my heart as well. I’ve really been able to find my weak spots, hone my #1 submission and continue to chain all my attacks and work on my flaws. Great post Jules!

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